Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Coffee Confessional

This post is brought to you by one of my fave bloggers adelynSTONE.  I am a few days late, but Mondays and Tuesdays are my weekends so I'm catching up!

Confessions for this week/month:

1. I have an essay due tonight for my english class.....I have been gathering info for two weeks now and have typed about half a page.  Did not get a majority of it done until last night, with help from a good friend.  Now need to finish it........shhh...dont tell anyone :)
2. I think I am going to go crazy with all this homework I have, working 5 days a week and Zoe doing whatever she feels like and not listening to her parents.
3. I want to throw all my stuff away (except books, decorations and cooking stuff) because I am sick of looking at all our crap and cleaning it.
4. Have absolutly no food in the house and dont know when I will find the time to go grocery shopping!
5. Feels like I have no help!

Join in on the morning confessionals, its fun letting it all out!



  1. OMG. I'm right there with ya on number 3!!! It's crazy how much stuff a person can accumulate.

    And I feel like I have no help lately too... but that's probably because I havn't. haha.

    xoxo. Thanks for linking up... looks like you've figured it out!


  2. :( I'm sorry you're so stressed Allie... I wish I could help. Wanna send Zoe to PA for a week?? lol Hailey would LOVE a play date!

  3. Anonymous9/20/2011

    I dont think I am at the stage yet where I can leave zoe for a week yet. thank you for the offer tho megan :) its mainly just hw that is kicking my butt. I'm kinda a perfectionist and if I dont get it right, like for my online class I am constantly redoing stuff because I didnt get a perfect score the first time! its bad.

  4. I hope everything gets easier for you as time goes by especially with school!

    I'm with you on #3( i always say i have to get rid of stuff but its hard lol) and #4 ( I have no food at all hopefully george will do some grocery shopping while i'm at the hospital because i aint doing it lol...


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