Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easy Food that is DELISH!

I was on Pinterest of course, and found a quick easy recipe for chickpeas or garbanzo beans.  I have a stockpile of them from when I was on wic.  My idea was to make hummus.  Because hummus is awesome, but every time I went to the store I would forget about tahini sauce.  So no hummus for me.  Instead I made these.  They are just roasted chickpeas with some spray and salt.  They come out crunchy so it is a nice addition to a salad.  Regular chickpeas are tasty in salad, but I like crunch. 

3 ingredients is all!

Roast them at 400 degrees for a good 35-40 minutes

Ta-da!  Its healthy too!

Ms. Zoe wasn't a fan, but she wanted her picture taken with them. 
Original recipe here.
Next, is my go to tomato sauce.  I saw it years ago on Rachel ray and forget the exact recipe, so I just add as I go.
This is what I had on hand, grape or cherry tomatoes (mine was not full tho), half and half, balsamic, onion and I used chicken sausage.  Its like 4 pts for a link in ww world ha ha.  (not pictured, oil, spices, can of diced tomatoes)

Take sausage out of casing and brown and crumble.  Then add onion.  Once those become translucent then add your garlic. After those get cooked up a bit, add a splash of balsamic vinegar and scrape up the browned bits.  Those are tasty.  now don't keep your heat on high because then those browned bits will be burnt bits and we don't want that.  Of course you want to add your salt and pepper.  I also added Italian seasoning.

Now add your tomatoes.

Cover and turn heat to med-med hi and let those tomatoes burst.  keep checking on it, it shouldn't take too long. I put the kiddo to bed and read her a story while it was bursting.  You might want to help a few along, WARNING:: Gets kinda messy :)

Since I didn't have enough grape tomatoes I added  a can of diced tomatoes to give it more juice.  Then I added a splash of half and half. 

I just threw some over some rice for the hubbie to eat.  (I already went out to dinner and needed to make him something quick to eat).  It goes good over pasta, rice, you could put it in portobella mushrooms, add some cheese to it if you would like.  I would use sweet or hot (depends on  your taste buds) sausage, it adds a lot more flavor a good kick, but this is what I had on hand. 

Ingredient list:
sausage (to your liking)
2 pints of tomatoes
half and half
balsamic vinegar
seasonings (fresh or dried, if you use fresh, add it towards the end of cooking)

This is delicious and fast!  Enjoy :)


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  1. Yum!! That tomato sauce looks really good I love me some sausage. I'll have to try this recipe. I can just taste it now over some rice LOL.


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