Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obsession Thursday-Not your traditional wreaths

This week my obsession is wreaths (Well that and tin cans and chalkboard paint!).  Besides all the crafts I have lined up and homework and housework, I have added more on to my list and that would be wreaths.  I wish I had more doors to display all the ones I want to make! 

I love the eyes on this one!  Such a cute idea.  Now I looked in Joannes yesterday and their googly eyes were kinda expensive.  So I will be hitting up the dollar store for those eyes. 

I love how this looks, you can make little balls of them as well.  I just need to find time to cut ten million felt circle's out :)

Love, love pom poms!

This one is great for halloween also.  She used supplies from the dollar store as well, extra bonus :)

Simple, yet pretty.  I have to say making felt flowers is easy and addicting.  I like the sprigs of pearls in between the flowers on these. 

The ideas are really endless with this one.  You can make your own, instead of buying Styrofoam (because those are pricey) I heard taking a pool noodle and using that.  I will be giving that a try.  If you see a crazy lady standing in front off of the noodles at the dollar store and bending them into circles and standing there with a perplexed look on her face, yeah it will probably be me!

You can cover them up with feather boa's, tinsel garland (for a retro vintage look), fake flowers for a fun spring time wreath, ornaments (which we all probably have an abundance of, I know I do!) 

Once I make some wreaths I'll post them!

Happy Thursday!



  1. OMG Allie I am that crazy lady!!!! The dollar store had all there noodles on clearance for the end of summer (.50) and I thought "hey these could sooooo work!" LMAO! I was literally standing there bending them into circles :) Everytime I see things at the dollar store/ thrift store now I think "What can this be made into?" LOL I LOVE the Halloween wreath! I have plans for that one too!

  2. Anonymous9/11/2011

    so does the noodle work for a wreath? because I went to my dollar store and they didnt have any :(

  3. I love the eye balls wreath. I gotta gets some eyes next time I'm at michaels.


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