Friday, September 23, 2011


Its been nearly a month since I did some currents.  So here we go!

Reading: Other then stuff for school, which have been some interesting short stories and then some terribly boring short stories, I have been trying to read the third book in the hunger games series.  I'm afraid my good reading wont pick back up until school is over in DEC.  I picked some books at borders when they were going out business so that will be read in December!
Laughing: Of course I'm still laughing at my daughter. well not at her but the things that come out of her mouth.  Like a couple of weeks ago she was playing and says "OH.MY.GOD" her father and I were both like EXCUSE ME?!!  She then goes and says "just kidding" because she knew it was wrong.  oh my goodness this child cracks me up!

Listening to: I'm back on my Florence and the machine kick.  and Katy perry's teenage dream.  Its good to listen to while I'm at work.  I really, really want Bon Ivers new CD, well anyone of his Cd's would be ideal.  I really like him right now.

Wearing: I haven't bought anything new in forever!  Still need to lose weight before I even decide to do that.
Watching: So happy the fall shows are on again!  Greys anatomy, vampire diaries, modern family, those are my musts.  Then the new ones are revenge, ringer, the secret circle

Eating: Made a yummy taco salad tonight.  Going to try out a new recipe for roasted tomato soup, cant wait to blog about it :)
Craving: Guacamole.  So excited yesterday I ate some avocados and did not get sick. that made my night!
Getting ready for: the holidays, Zoe's birthday. bummed we couldn't get reso's to eat at the castle. damn my mom for telling her about it! now she is going to be so upset about it.
Working on: homework!  I have my googly eyes wreath to make, I bought a pool noodle to make a big wreath.  Think I am going to go retro with that and do a tinsel wreath.  Magazine Xmas trees, sparkly Xmas light bulbs, and some yummy recipes to try out.  Oct. 9th we are having a bake off at work and donating the proceeds to breast cancer research, so i am compiling a list of goods to bake! 
Whats current with you all??
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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