Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obsession Thursday-Nostalgia

My obsession this week isn't a craft idea.  Its more of a home sickness.  I guess you could put it that way.  So I was born and raised in Florida, but moved to Washington state for a boy a few years ago.  Boy and I hit it off, had a baby and moved back to Florida when baby was born.  I missed my mom and didn't want to take her grandchild away from her.  While I was in Washington we struggled, but what young couple doesn't?  I can tell you one thing, we may not have had a lot of friends or family near us, but we had fun and we loved being with each other.  I didn't get sick of always being with the boy and now in Florida it seems all I am is stressed.  I hate the weather, the state government, the school system, the drivers, the people.  You name it, I like dislike it.   I can see my family growing old in Washington state. 

The west coast is completely different then the east coast.  Not as uptight.  You actually experience seasons in WA, unlike you do in FL.  When fall comes about, the leaves change color, there is a nice nip in the air, I actually put to use my scarfs and gloves.  There is no need for those things here in FL.  The winters aren't harsh.  Yes it did snow every year I was there, we did have some bad snow storms, but it was fun.  Being a Florida girl, I have never experienced snow.  And I adapted pretty well, if I say so myself. 

See here in FL, the land is flat, below sea level.  We are surrounded by water.  Water I like, hot sand and crowded beaches...not so much.  Then you have swamps, lots of pine trees, lots of faded green trees from the weather being too hot.  Now in WA, there is water, beaches (although rocky), mountains and beautiful evergreens.  You have the best of both worlds.  Who doesn't want to walk outside their home and see mountains on one side and water on the other?

One day my family and I will be back up there!

There are those evergreens!
snow and mountains!
Did I mention you can whale watch up there?  That is a killer whale.
They have fantastic seafood that you can eat on the pier in Seattle :)

We were two hours away from the rolloff farm!
Lavender fields, smells so pretty when you drive by.

We were close to Hubbies Oregon ducks...
 Seattle actually has a skyline!
Fremont troll, in one of my most favorite places in the world!
You can visit Rachel the pig in pikes place market, where you can watch flying fish and get an awesome flower arrangement for cheap and fresh fruits and veggies from local organic farmers.

Ahh, its nice to reminisce.  We plan on moving back.  When I don't know, trying to get my mom on board.  She is what is holding us back.  Hopefully in the next couple of years, before Zoe is school age we will be up there, and semi settled :)



  1. Those pictures of the evergreens and moutains look like Montana! :) We just don't have the ocean, sky line, or sea food LOL.We only have half of the package :) Washington is beautiful. It's hard when you want to be close to family but don't like where you live. I really hope you guys do make it back to your little slice of heaven again :)

  2. Aww i wish I lived somewhere other than DE. Lol
    Hopefully you guys will be there soon. beautiful photos makes wish I could visit washington. One day I will and you'll be there so you can give me tours of all your favorite places :)

  3. Anonymous9/07/2011

    sorry you can't be where you want right now...someday though! =) someday!


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