Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hello all!  It's been 6 days since I last posted and I have had withdrawals....I doubt anyone but close friends read this blog (which is totally fine) but I like posting and I haven't been able to post the past few days b/c my camera doesn't work anymore.  Well the camera itself is fine, the cord to upload does not.  Now I do have this lil usb thingy my dad bought me.  I know exactly what container it is sitting in.  But where is the container???  I asked someone who shall remain nameless to look for said usb on their 3 days off this week, but it was forgotten about, along with dishes and cleaning....and putting clothes away.  But lets not get off on a tangent.  So today I decided to fulfil my lack of posting with a nice post on projects I would love to eventually get to.

Here goes.....(who knows, when they will be completed because of school work :( )

I found these bad boys over at krissy's creations.  I just so happened to get two donut pans for my bday and also a mini donut maker....but these you don't need a pan....so if you want to work out some frustrations on dough, this is the way to go and then the reward is sweet :)

I found this lovely idea over at Sarah Ortega.  Another blog I just love.  I have bought 4 of these silver trays, ranging in different sizes and I cannot wait to buy me some chalkboard paint.  I plan on making loads and loads of cute magnets and I can display them on this nifty platter.  I also plan on using them to display prices of items my mom sells at the flea market.  Also cant wait to have dinner parties and display the menu on this and set it on top of my buffet.  The ideas are endless.

This is again from Mrs. Sarah Ortega.  I already bought misc. frames, just need some funky spray paint and wire.  My bday really helped out because now I can afford these things.  I scored big on the frames at old time pottery.  they were giving them away for pennies b/c the glass and backings were missing. 

Look at these pretty plates!  I found them on frugal flourish.  So easy and cheap!  All crafters should have an arsenal of scrapbook paper hidden away somewhere.  I know I do.  Just have to find cheap clear plates.  What better reason to go thrifting then to find some of these plates and make them beautiful again. 

 If this isn't the coolest thing you have seen in awhile then we can not be friends.  Just kidding.  I think this is so fun!  I have seen it all over pinterest and found someone make it on her blog meg duerksen. Its so stinkin easy!  I cant wait to get my hands on some crayons and make this happen.  It would go cute in kids rooms, or play rooms.  Even a school room!

I am still scouring the thrift stores for some cookie sheets!  So cute for the kitchen!  Found over at crate paper.

My friend Melissa posted this on her blog When I grow up I wanna be... the other day and I just love it!  I have a whole box of unused wine glasses that I can pretty up with this idea!  Thanks for the idea Melissa, I will blog when I make them (which might just be today!)

I unfortunately do not have a source for this, I apologize.  But I do have a bunch of tin cans I have been saving to make this one day!

I have so many, many more projects I want to do!   Follow me on Pinterest.



  1. OMG!!! Allie, I wanna make so many of these!!! The little chalkboard silver platters would be prefect for the prices of my jewelry at craft shows!! I want the cookie sheet wall things! The frame is exactly what Ava needs for her hair stuff!! AHHHH!! I am gonna be a crafting fool LOL and thanks for the shout out :)Can't wait to see what you make :)

  2. Anonymous8/30/2011

    LOL You crack me up..."someone who will remain nameless". I can just see your face as you type this too lol. I do like the idea with the silver plates and the chalkboard paint!! So Cool. I also like the idea of the clear plates with scrapbook paper. If you do this one soon tell me how it turns out!!

  3. Those donuts look SWEET! yum
    And of course i love the chalkpaint on the tray. I need to figure out what to paint with chalkboard paint to add to my kitchen.

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