Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday Wishes

So my birthday is coming up.  Not like I want to celebrate it because I am closer to becoming 30....but I still want presents.  he he.  Doesn't everyone want to open some presents on their birthday?? I really don't care for the presents but there are some things that I really want and they are odd requests but I haven't had the extra money to get them myself.....this page will be left open so someone can see it.....

First off I want a donut pan
Yeah I am not even a big fan of doughnuts but I really want one so I can make them.  Mainly for Richie.  Weird yes.

Next is for a craft project for Zoe and myself
Now I don't expect these things from family, because I know money is tight, but its nice to have a wish list.  Considering I haven't had a wish list in years.

A kindle! I am behind the times, Richie got me a ezcruz reader for xmas but I don't know how to use it. and I can only read where there is wi-fi and its a tad bit confusing.  Although I love the gift and him thinking of me to go to all the trouble of getting it.  I kinda still really, really want a kindle.  So now that that I made my list I can now go back to planning Zoe's third birthday.  Because in reality her birthdays excite me more then mine do. 



  1. I have one word for you....NOOK! hehehe I am so pro Nook but hey if a Kindle is really what you want I hope you get because ereaders ROCK!! Chalkboard paint.....so cool! I want some to. I want to paint our pantry door with it so I can write the grocery list and stuff on it :)

  2. Anonymous8/10/2011

    good idea with the pantry door! I want to paint the top of zoes little table she does her crafts on and paint on silver trays. I wouldnt mind a nook or kindle whichever as long as I get one lol

  3. Yes, NOOK OVER KINDLE!!! lol I have the Nook and it's so great :)

    Chalkboard paint projects sound fun... Hailey's birthday is coming up, maybe I'll do something with that.

    I hope you get great presents for your b-day :D

  4. Yes NOOK over kindle. Love my nook!
    I've pinned so many things that have to do with chalk paint that I need a whole gallon lol. Hope you get everything for your birthday!


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