Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dollar Store DIY

Right now I am kinda loving the dollar store.  Well I have always loved the dollar store.  It's cheap, you can find anything and with this economy I can't afford to pay a small fortune on hand soap for the bathroom (just an example).  They have lots of options for the home and I came across this and thought, this would look really cute on the table and I can fill it with anything for every holiday.  Its super easy.  Just go run to your nearest dollar store and grab 3 or how ever many candle stick holders you want, and 3 candle holders.  You have many options to choose from.  I wanted more of a cylinder but this is what they had.  I think they came out cute.

Make sure your supplies are cleaned.  I hand wash mine and get rid of all that pain in the butt sticker residue.  Love that epoxy glue!
Now just pour some glue around the edge of the candle sticks and place the candle holders on top.
Now that those are put on, add some weight to the top and let sit overnight.  I usually use books but I had these tapes right next to me and they did the job.
Now add whatever you would like.  See easy peasy!  I had the stones and candles on hand so the whole project cost me a little over $6!  Can't beat that!  Now for Halloween I plan on putting candy corn in there to hold the candles.  I have green plates so I want to go out and buy some lentils or whatever and use that as well to hold the candles.  The ideas are endless!  Coffee beans, Epsom salt, jelly beans, m&m's.  As long as you don't mind it not being edible once you are done.



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  1. Love this!!! They came out really good. I want to make some now lol. For $ 6 you can't beat that gotta love dollar stores!


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