Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obsession Thursday--Pantry

Number one on my list is complete!  My pantry is cleaned out, and organized!  The before pictures can be found on lists.  Today first thing in the morning I started undoing everything and quickly ran to the dollar store to pick up some bins to store the little things in.  I love how it turned out! 

ahhhhhh I feel so much better that its organized!  Now in my future home, one that has a huge kitchen I would like to have a walk in pantry.  Oh the things I could do with a walk in pantry, or even an entire room dedicated to pantry space!!  I surely wouldn't have to store all my appliances (and I have a lot of them) above my kitchen cabinents!

Does anyone else have an obsession with having their canned and boxed foods organized??


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  1. I did this exact thing to every closet, cupboard, dresser, and drawer in our house last month. It feels soooo much better when you finally get everything organized. :) I looks great Allie!


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