Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hurricane time!

So if anyone lives in Florida, or the east coast you all know about hurricane season.  It last for a few months and a real scary pain in the butt.  I live in central Florida so we are lucky in the aspect we don't get hit often.  We might get the little end tails of it.  Still scary.  I remember when I was little I would freak out and put all my "worldly" possessions in a big hamper so in case we had to vacate our home I had it all in that one spot.  We never got hit bad, except for one year.  Charlie, Ivan and I cant remember the third one, but it got so bad everyone had their power out for weeks.  We lucked out and had ours out for two weeks, no one could work either because our jobs didn't have power.  Gas was limited and you would have to wait online for a good hour to get some gas before it ran out.  No one was prepared.  We even had to have power companies from other states to come down and help us.  My dad borrowed a generator to run air in his house because he had the dogs and they would die from the heat.  My dog clementine got so bad she couldn't even bend her legs.  (she was old and the heat was just too hard on her, she passed shortly after :( )

Well this year I am going to be prepared.  Its better to be prepared then not.  We are in an upstairs apartment this year and heat rises so I am hoping we don't get hit by this Emily that is threatening to come to Florida.  Below is the local guide so that all of you can have a safety kit as well.

I already have 4 jugs of water, emergency candles, matches, first aid kit assembled, dry milk, cooler, flashlight, battery radio and blankets. 

Still need to get all important documents in a waterproof bag, canned foods and some empty milk jugs.  To store more water to use. Batteries, and car charger. Its crazy to even think about this stuff, but it does come in handy.

Stay safe this hurricane season!


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