Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WITL Day 6 (8/9/11)

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.  I like Tuesday but then I don't.  I don't because it is my last day off and then I dread going to bed at night because I  know I have to work in the A.M.  Well we started our day off early again.  I'm getting sick of these early mornings.  I am a morning person, but when I wake up exhausted it just kind of sets a president for the rest of the day.  Anyone else getting sick of always being tired??  I need to find that happy medium where I am not so overly tired, just a little, but awake enough to get things done!

Any ways....we woke up, watched cartoons, I surfed my blogs.  Zoe insisted on helping with the eggs this morning.  Which is fine, she does a good job up at the stove. She knows she isn't allowed to touch the hot stuff, plus she is an excellent stirrer!  Shes gonna be a master chef one day!

 It was really crappy and rainy out all day.  Finally around 10:30 I was like lets just get dressed and go out.  So that we did.  We headed over to Monkey Joes, or as Zoe likes to call it Monkey bars.

 Zoe pouting because I told her she needed to wait her turn. and I just noticed that person behind her wearing socks and flip flops. oh my goodness. 
So after that we went to look around the dollar general market.  I wanted to get stuff to add to my first aid kit I am making.
Then I promised her McDonald's so we stopped there.  Tuesdays they have 6 nuggets for $.99.  Cant beat that!  Then I wanted to visit my mom, so we stopped at another McDonald's and got her lunch.  Yes I totally felt like a glutinous fatty pulling up to another McDonald's with a bag of food already in my front seat with me! haha.
hung out with my mom at her job for a little bit then headed to a thrift store.  We don't go there often because my mom doesn't like it.  And I always seem to go thrifting with her.  I found these great plates, fine china for cheap.  I bought the dinner plate and small salad plate.  I think I am going to go back today and buy the rest.  They would make the nicest cake stands!
Then we headed to the "best used book store" that's the name.  I have never been, but always wanted to go.  They had so many books.  Zoe and I were in heaven.  I even found books from my childhood that brought back memories.  I have to go back when I'm not with Zoe which is never.
We headed home and just relaxed for a bit.  I made dinner and then after dinner my night is done.  I get in bed and read.  Its an exciting life but someone has to live it!
I did make spinach stuffed portabellos to go with dinner and they were delish!
If you make these I suggest just having that for dinner, Richie and I barely even touched our chicken.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. OMG the spinach stuffed portabellos look soo yummy!!!! I want some!

    Ava is just like Zoe; she always wants to stir and help cook :)

    The socks with flip flops is so wrong. How is that even comfortable???

  2. Those do look really good... I hate fungus but the spinach part makes my mouth water!

    Hailey hates helping in the kitchen... She will be one of those kids who can't do anything for herself, I just know it :(

    I wish we lived closer so we could shop together... It'd be so much fun!


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