Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week in the life...of me

So on one of my many blog perusing days I found this concept of a "week in the life".  Found here at aliedwards.  I thought "what a fun concept"!  A few summers ago I met a bunch of fantastic ladies on a little, well maybe huge site called twilight moms.  From there I found some mom's in their 20's.  We then branched off and a new site of twilight20smoms was founded.  I developed some great friendships with these ladies and went to them if I had any mom problems.  We all have a love for crafting and twilight.  Like there is anything better then those two things, well besides our kids!  I have met only one of these ladies in person but we converse on facebook often.  We all have busy lives and have strayed.  Which is typical and totally understandable.  So when I saw this project I figured we could all get together and either do it on fb or on our blogs, which most of us had and some might have had to create. 

The basic concept is to document your everyday lives.  The little things, things you might not mention to anyone or a picture you don't put up on fb right away.  On the alie edwards site she has a bunch of templates and journal type things to do, but I think we are just going to do ours thru pictures and little captions on our blogs.  I'm really looking forward to this, because it will be my last big project of the summer.  Before school starts back up and the holidays  come at us full force! 

I cant wait to see what all my favorite ladies are up to!



  1. That picture makes me smile <3 Thank you for giving us this idea :)

  2. Great idea cant wait to start posting about my weeks and reading everyones!


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