Friday, August 5, 2011

WITL day 1 8/4

Good morning all!  This is a day late, but we got up early today so there is nothing else to do!

Zoe got in bed with me at 2:30am but actually slept and we woke up at 6:58am which is vast improvement from the last few days!
 Cartoons and milk in bed
 a rarity: Zoe cuddling with mama
 reading mother goose 15 times in a row and then Zoe telling me stop she can say it by herself....
 finally coffee (and I'm too tired this morning to get it the right way!)
 picnic with Zoe
 painting: a distraction while I clean out the pantry
 that's just two shelves cleaned out! (all before 10 am)
 Zoe cleaning her kitchen area as well.......just like mama
 this one is actually my favorite of hers lol
 errand time! gotta get those containers for my pantry!
My favorite the dollar store!  We then went to Aldi, but Zoe was throwing a fit because she wanted to go home and I said no.  fun stuff
 this is what happens the moment we get home, I don't know where she gets it from.  It's not like I come home and strip immediately!  I can usually find her by her trails of clothes!
 throwing a fit because she wanted to watch her cartoons and I wanted to watch E! news, then she got TV privileges taken away for the afternoon. 
 Yum, this orange chicken for lunch sure was tasty! 
 Growing her dino's.  Which was totally a bust!  They didn't grow at all!
 My organized pantry!
 Love getting stuff in the mail
 Bagels from new york!  My aunt and her fam just went and sent this to us b/c Richie got them a discount on a hotel.  I cant wait to have one for breakfast!
The rest of my day went like this, threw a fit b/c Richie wouldn't wake up and I wanted to take a nap before work, I went to work and was so grumpy didn't take any pictures.  But then got distracted by this jerk debt collector that kept calling for an employee.  He would call like every two minutes.  He threatened one of our managers, called him names.  Us in the front of the house were getting sick of him calling so he called again another manager was in the bakery with me and I'm like "its him again!  you get it b/c I'm not!" So he gets it and was like "sir I have your message for him, I'll pass it on, stop calling and dicking around...blah blah blah then hes like OK I'll give you his number...write it down....407-613 spell out the rest, you ready ASSHOLE." and then proceeds to hang up.  ahhh so professional my managers are.  Anyway it got him to stop, thank goodness.  I was phased at 9pm but didn't leave until 9:30, got home, ate and ending my night with the 2nd hunger games book!

Yes my day was boring, but its fun seeing it all put down there! 



  1. Aww, Allie, Zoe is so stinking cute :)

    I'm happy you were able to get your pantry all cleaned out! How is it going making the two blankets? You wanted to do that before going back to school, right??

    The Hunger Games... I bought the first one on my nook but haven't started it yet. I just don't know if I'll like it.

    I think the debt collector calling is hilarious! There is a lady that works on my floor that has Red Cross calling for her all the time. And we work in a hospial! They call and I answer; they start blabbing about the blood shortage in our area; I go, "Yeah, I know; We have to wait days for blood to come up from Pittsburgh for our PATIENTS in THIS HOSPITAL. Please don't call again". Two days later, same thing!

    People are so relentless!!!!

    I loved your entry and I can't wait for more!!!

  2. Yay you got you pantry all cleaned out i know you've been wanting to that for awhile. Love how zoe strips as soon as she gets home lol i do the same thing as soon as i get home especially now since i'm preggo and its summer. leah just looks at me weird and goes about her business hahaha.

    ahhh bill collectors dont we all just want to strangle them! did you make the orange chicken? It looks really good!

  3. My brother was just like Zoe. He used to strip the second we got home. when my mom first put us in daycare he kept getting in trouble for not keeping his clothes on lol

    I have to say I totally agree with how your manager dealt with the bill collector. Love the pictures, can't wait to read more!

  4. Anonymous8/05/2011

    people are relentless, he even threatened to kill one of my managers! even my gm got into it and was yelling at him! so as i am taking pics today i realize she gets the stripping from her dad b/c he is never in clothes! so you guys wont see much of richie this week lol unless. he got mad when i took one pic of him this morning haha. melissa that is funny about your brother, I wonder if zoe will do that when I put her in daycare!


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