Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WITL Day 4 & 5 (8/7, 8/8)

So I am a little behind on the times.  I was off yesterday but in a mood and just wanted to bake and sit and watch TV.  I guess that is the theme for this week haha.  So Sunday morning I had no Zoe to wake me up so I got up at 8 am!  Nice and refreshed.  Its been so long since I have had a full nights rest with no Zoe waking me up and no Richie stealing the covers while I sleep!  So I got up had my coffee, spilled my coffee on the computer....it didn't hurt it tho, I acted fast.  Phew...then I decided to get ready for work around 9:05, which is kinda late, considering I have to leave by 9:20 the latest to get there at 9:45.  I was in a good mood, so I didn't care if I didn't get there my 15 minutes early, like I do everyday. 

So 9:45 I am at work.  Nothing big happened.  It was slow, I got to work with Sara which was nice.  I made money even nicer!  I'm lucky if I get two cash shifts a week, usually it's one or maybe none.  So those two days its nice to walk away with cash.  Even if it is only $30.  Its 30 more then I had walking in the place.  My dad was watching Zoe while I was at work.  That wasn't planned by me.  He just sort of told my mom I am picking her up at 11am and that's that.  So he calls me during my shift which always makes me nervous.  Its not like I can stop working and chat.  So I quickly call him back and hes like we are having a BBQ tonight, so pick up Richie after you get off work and eat with us, then you can take Zoe home.  OK.  So then he's like I cant get in touch with your sister and neither can your mom, can you call her.  Ugh.  So i texted her annoyed because I am stuck doing all this while working and I get a snippy text back from her saying its late notice no.  So then I tell my dad and hes like oh well, the BBQ crapped out so we are just going to have kfc. 

OK so I work in Winter park, my dad lives in Winter park.  I live in altamonte springs.  I have to drive all the way to altamonte to pick up Richie then back to where I was originally to have kfc. 

But we had a nice dinner and watched I Love Lucy.  So it was a nice night.  And I didn't have to cook.  Even better!  When we got home I was exhausted so off to bed we went!
Monday: Zoe starts crying at 5:30am but was still sleepy so I convinced her to go back to sleep with me because the sun isn't up yet.  It worked!  She didn't get back up until 8am and then yells at me "mommy! why you wake me up??"  Ha, tables have turned kiddo.  We start our day in kind of a rush because I wanted to get to school to get books.  So after fighting with Zoe to get ready we head out about 8:45ish.  Get to school and I have to get a new school ID because I lost mine.  The lady was nice and didn't charge me the $10.  So we go and get my books, nearly $200 for an online computer course!  All for a code.  Good thing my grant paid for it!  I treated myself and bought some ear buds for my ipod.  Early bday present to myself :)
Zoe threw  a fit because she wanted to stay in the bookstore.  A girl after my own heart.  I was grumpy, she was grumpy.  I wanted to go to goodwill just to look around and she didn't want to.  She wanted to go home and continued to cry.  I didn't want to go home because it was a mess and I am sick of spending my two days off cleaning, then go to work the rest of the week and nothing get done so I have to do it all over again.
$300 in that bag

This is what I left the house looking like.  I yelled at Richie saying he needs to help me out, I'm sick of it.
I came home and the dishes were done :)
Zoe and I lounged around and around lunchtime I decided to make mini cupcakes.  They were a pound cake cupcake and came out really yummy.  I have another post alone for those.

 Zoe riding her bike, while I bake.
 Its a little more bearable to cook in the kitchen with this little bad boy pointed my way.  otherwise it gets so hot.  Needless to say we will be looking for a new place to live when our lease is up.  This apartment is just way too hot.
the finished project.  I should have made just a regular buttercream icing, but I didn't have enough powdered sugar :(

I ended my night with finishing up catching fire.  I was in a heated argument with my friend Cathie on why Peeta is better then Gale.  Now I have to go find the third installment!  Happy Tuesday ladies!  This weeks ends on the 11th.  So you get three more days!



  1. Those cupcakes look yummy!! I know what you mean about just wanting to spend the day away from the house. Sometimes all I want is to window shop all day long but the kids seldom think that's fun :(

    WooHoo for cash days! I used to love that about doing nails; the tips :) and ur right $30 is still$30 more than u had.

  2. Those cupcakes do look delish :) I'm going to have to try them, but I think I would do it with different frosting. I am a chocoholic, but I hate chocolate frosting. WEIRD. lol

    I love to just look around the thrift store, but it seems like I can't ever do anything with Hailey like that. She gets too cranky. It's no fun.

    I'm glad you had a little extra money that day. I hope you buy something for yourself with it!!! And school books! I know they are terribly expensive. It's so rediculous.


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