Friday, August 5, 2011

WITL Day 2

Good evening all!  I am doing this now at 7:24pm because I can tell you how the rest of my night will go.  I will hop into bed because it is the coolest room in the apartment, get myself situated and read my catching fire book!  Hopefully I can finish it tonight.  Then I will go to bed nice and early, so I am well rested for my double at work tomorrow!

Now this is how my day went.......5:30am Zoe crawls into bed with us, asks for cartoons and I said no because it was 5:30.  I have my limitations.  I wanted at least 30 more minutes of sleep.  She starts crying and I give in because I was just so comfortable the TV would keep her quiet just a little while longer.  Cartoons are on and then Zoe is saying something about buggies......then I feel Richie jump out of bed and squeal.  So then I pop my head up like "seriously wth its 5:30", then he screams and points to the ceiling and there is this huge ass palmetto bug on our ceiling.  Well great, I then jump out of bed and watch it.  There is no way to get it down unless we want it crawling all over our stuff!  So Richie comes back with a Tupperware and a lid.  I get the broom and push it towards him.  He freaks out, screaming like a girl and loses the bug.  Zoe is on the floor screaming "go away buggy this is our home" over and over again.  and I just stand there thinking it is way to early for this shit.  Guess I wont be going back to bed.  We lost the bug, yay so we had to buy traps today.  Love living in Florida.  Those bugs are everywhere during the summer. 
See how huge that sucker is!

So now we are all up.  What to do?? Richie runs to Starbucks to get us coffee because he didn't make us any the night before. 
6:00 am--I am uploading my pics on the comp to do my WITL post and find out my cord for my camera is shot so it takes me ten million tries to get my pics uploaded.  Seriously, it has to do this when I think its a cool idea to do a picture diary thing!  oh my goodness!
You would think a venti would help me get thru the day, not so much.  Getting up at 5:30 am kicks my butt.
So I'm on the comp, cursing at my camera and its hotter then you know what in the apartment....

That early in the morning!!  crazy.  So I decide to get something done, so 6:45ish I start the dishes..

I had to unload it first to get rid of the sink that was full of dishes that Richie didn't touch while I was at work the night before and he was home watching TV......I'm not bitter or anything.  Now for breakfast.  Finally get to eat those new york bagels! 

They were yummy! but I couldn't decide if i wanted savory or sweet, so I did both :) Now the today show had the story of the girl that got paralyzed on her bachlorette party.  Well they finally got married and came back from their honeymoon.  So I really wanted to see that story.  Zoe proceeds to throw a fit because she wants to watch dino dan... cept dino dan isn't on at the butt crack of  dawn. So fit number one was a good one. 

She runs to daddy after I put her in time out in her bedroom. 
7:30 I decide to do the egg scramble project.  You take panty hose and put a raw egg in it and spin it around like 15-20 times.  My arms got a good work out, but it did not work :(.  My hard boiled eggs were normal.  but at least I got a good work out. 
9am--Go pick up my friend Becky lake and head to work.

This is my view 5 days a week.  See all those boxes a the very end on the cart...that is my pull for the day.  60 cakes I had to pull.  The freezer is waaaaaay on the other side of the restaurant and I have to drag that sucker back to the bakery and unload all that crap before we open at 11:15 (now our Reese's cake weighs 9lbs a cake, I carry two cakes at a time to get things unloaded and in the back coolers, so I have muscles from working in this place lol).  I worked with Angie today and told her about our project and said I have to take a picture of us together and her response was "yay, I wore my good hair today!" haha. needless to say we got busy and by the time 2pm rolled around and my manager waved at me I ran out the building and headed home! (no crazies today, or debt collectors calling.  Darn! but I'm there all day tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have a few to share with you ladies!)
3:30--home and fighting with Zoe to get her clothes back on that she just stripped out of, so we could go to target.  I bribed her with popcorn.  Our little treat every time we go.

Then we head to the mall to kill some time, it gets old sitting in our apartment and its too hot outside to let Zoe play at an outdoor playground.  110 degrees with the heat index today!  I hate Florida!
So after that we head to my friends house to drop something off.  I'm bummed, she is having a mary kay party tomorrow and I work every weekend so it is hard for me to get off.  Then my manager goes and puts me on a double, so there is no way I could go to the party :(  I better make tips tomorrow!  We head home, I make dinner, put Zoe to bed....get on here to blog.  Bummed I love Lucy marathon doesn't start until tomorrow.  Now I am off to bed to read!  Happy Weekend ladies!!



  1. All I can say is HOLY CRAP!!! that is the biggest bug I have ever seen!! EEKKK!! Happy reading and hope ur day goes well tomorrow. I used to hate working doubles but sometimes, if u get lucky, the day goes by fast and it's not bad at all....I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! I hate bugs! Makes me kinda enjoy the fact that I live in Pennsylvania!

    You had a very busy day, lady! I don't know how you do it.

  3. Ick!!!! Bugs are NASTY!!!! hope the rest of your day went well!


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