Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obsession Thursday

The Obsession of the week is.....Paint chip samples.  I have seen so many niefty things you can do with them.  Now I need to run to Lowe's and discreetly snag oh I don't know ten million of them and I'm good!

You can make this awesome bookmarks found at bella carta or
if you are feeling adventurous you can make art
found at mod podge rocks blog (why yes it does rock!). 
Now this one takes dedication, and a lot of trips to several stores.
Isn't this awesome?!  Find it here at cozy little cave.
I don't know what it is with me and magnets, but these are so cute!  and colorful and I know Zoe loves playing with all my magnets so it can be made into a color game!  Found at how about orange.
hellolucky uses them for utensils.  This would be cute for a kids party, just match the color up with the theme!  (minus the knives).
My favorite that I found last night, that I will be scouring garage sales for would be paint chip coasters!
itsy bitsy paper blog, over at this blog she has a whole week dedicated to crafting with paint chip samples!  Awesome.  This will def be on my list of projects during the school year, because its basically free! 



  1. I never would have thought......paint chips! When I was in interior design at the college here we used to get boxes of discontinued paint chips, carpet samples, and counter top samples from the stores. You should look into that. Maybe u could get a whole box full for free :)

  2. Or lie to the stores & say you're an I.D major!! Lol.. Jk!

    Omg those crafts are so cute!!!!!!! I know I have a few paint sample cards in the attic somewhere from when we were redecorating back in high school. I'll look for them & send your way :)


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