Saturday, August 6, 2011

WITL Day 3

Hello all!  Well no pictures today.  It was a blah attitude kind of day. 

So Zoe gets up again at 5:30 but I pretend to sleep so the two of them leave me alone.
8am Zoe comes barreling into the room telling me to wake up, Richie is like I told her "why do you guys always wake me up but you never wake up mommy??" so then she took that as let me go wake up mommy because she never gets to sleep in.  So I proceeded to tell Richie that she wakes me up every single day in between the hours of 5am-6:30am, so I don't wanna hear it.  You have one day a week you get up early with her.  Try 6, try getting up several times a night because she makes a noise, or has a bad dream or crawls into bed with me........
So I get up and I'm already in a bad mood.  I was fine all week long having to work a double because that means its more money for me, but today I was not having it.  Not only was I grouchy but Zoe was spending the night at grandmas house so Richie and I would have a night to ourselves to maybe go see a movie.  Well I released my shift, but when I got into work my manager is like please work bakery, we are short one person.  I was like um if I am going to work, I might as well work curb run and make some money.  My friend Angie decided to stay and work till 10pm.  Long day for her.  I told them I would come in and help the bakery if they got weeded.  Well we were busy during the day but at night not so much.  Well the bakery wasn't any way.
So the first guest I get was a you know what.  Didn't tip and was like how long will this take?? She was only getting a salad so I was like 10-15 minutes and shes like "well make it 20, I'm going to ulta next door"  I was like yeah, yeah sure whatever.  Then this regular called and ordered and Angie took it for me.  He is a pain, always complaining that his food isn't done on time and we cant quote right.  And then when we do quote right he doesn't show up and his food just sits there.  So I got his order all ready and made sure his extras were there and everything was right.  So he comes in and I'm like "hello......(i wont say his name)" and hes like hi, Angie you took my order right? and shes like yeah so he throws two bucks down and was here ya go that's for you and then looks at me, well I'm sure you did all the work but whatever.  I just smiled and took his money and slapped it on the counter, gave him his food said bye have a nice day and instead of saying thanks you to, hes like "bye Angie! thanks!" WTF how rude! I wasn't mad at Angie I just thought that was incredibly rude of him.  So next time he comes in i  hope is food is all jacked up!  After that we were just running around.  I was tired and grumpy and just wanted to go home.  My manager was like well you asked me to work curbside at night.  I was like yeah but today I am just tired and want to go home lol.  But i made some more money.  It wasn't busy at all. and I felt bad sticking around and taking money from the girl I was working with.  So i tried to leave at 8 and the manager wouldn't let me.  the other manager on, who was lent to us from another store was like OK whats his name is in the office so you can go, just sneak out the back door.  So that's what I did haha.  I called the girl I was working with and was like you didn't get hit did you?  I would feel bad and shes like ha no.  Its so dead. 
So now I am home, watching I love lucy because its her 100th birthday and I love, I love lucy!  My next daughters name will be lucy lol.  So we are baby less and Richie leaves for work soon. I am looking forward to a uninterrupted nights sleep.  Even tho I miss my baby!  Hope everyone has a wonderful sunday!



  1. O my... How incredibly rude of that gluteous maximus!!! I'd say next time chime in "btw I did all the work..". How rude! And I get how frustrating it is to sleep so little and still get crap about trying to sleep in.. :/
    100th birthday?!?! Really?? Wow!! I LOVE I love Lucy also! When I can't sleep I watch her for HOURS & then I don't sleep haha..
    Hope you were able to sleep in! hope today goes by better!

  2. I hate that! When I worked at my aunt's deli people were always so rude like that! I always wanted to say, "If you have such an issue with how your food is when you eat out....STAY HOME AND COOK!" grrrrrr

    I wish my kids would spend the night at grandmas. We tried it once and they wouldn't sleep. They were up all night and my mom was exhausted.

    I love Lucy is the best.


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