Friday, August 12, 2011

WITL Day 6 and 7

I was looking back at my last WITL post and I put day 6 when really it was day 5.  I need to stop doing things before my coffee in the morning!!!  I probably mislabeled all my days haha.  Geez Louise!  My day 6 and 7 were uneventful. 

I didn't even take pictures!

Wednesday:  Got up early again, hung out with Zoe and then headed off to work.  Now on Tuesday I got those awesome plates to make platters with, well on Wednesday I ran back to the thrift store and got the rest.  I haggled the guy (yeah not really) and got the big plates down from $1.49 to a buck.  There were three left so I saved like $1.50.  Not bad.  I then got green glass candle holders.  It looks so pretty the green with the fine china plates!  When  I got home I just got lazy and sat around my apartment for the rest of the night.

Thursday:  I work nights on Thursdays, so I spend my days doing laundry and cleaning.  But I didn't really feel like doing that yesterday.  So I asked my friend if she wanted to go to ikea with us.  We were leaving at 11:30.  That left me 2 hours to get some cleaning done, so I wouldn't feel too guilty.  We headed to ikea and Zoe was too short to play in their playground, so we walked around.  My friend got a lot of things for her classroom and I got a lock for our fridge.  Richie found some chick-fil-a near Zoe's kitchen the other day and we hadn't been to Chick-fil-a in forever.  So she needs to be locked outta the fridge!  Then I bought some cute little bud vases for $.79 each.  I think they would look cute for platters :)  I'm obsessed!  After lunch at Ikea (which kids eat free Aug 1-21) we left and got some $1 ice cream on the way out.  Then we headed to hobby lobby.  Which was funny, because I was browsing a blog and she kept talking about hobby lobby and then my friend mentioned it. I didn't even know we had one by us.  So we headed there.  It was huge, like Joannes and Micheal's smashed together.  They were a little on the expensive side.  My friend who is not a crafter in any sense was not impressed, but they had Christmas decorations so I was super excited lol.  They had a bunch of cone trees covered and smothered in bright sparkly colors!  I feel in love haha.  So after that we headed home. Zoe was a grump.  I took a quick 30 minute nap before I headed into work. 3 hours later I was phased.  Fine by me.  I headed home and relaxed the rest of the night. 

I had fun doing this little project.  I think I will do it periodically.  Like maybe during the holidays.  Just to see how every ones celebrations went.  Now I am off to work again :(



  1. Ok so I have to know how do you make cake platters from plates?? Do you just glue the candlesticks to the bottoms???

  2. Cannot wait to see photos of the cake stands! Especially with the beautiful plates you got the other day. I wish I had an ikea closer I haven't been in ages. Maybe before the summer is over I'll take that 1 1/2 hour drive to Philly ikea.

  3. I've never been to Ikea. I thought the closest one was in Philidelphia, which is like 400 miles away from me... But I guess there's one in Pittsburgh. That's only 90 miles away :) Maybe I'll take the trip down sometime and go.

    We just got a Hobby Lobby store in Erie. That's the closest 'big' city to me. It's about 45 miles away. I LOVE IT. We have a JoAnn's just in the next town over where I work and it's okay -- but Hobby Lobby is amazing.

    Please keep up the blog!!!! I LOVE all your crafts!

  4. Anonymous8/13/2011

    yes melissa, its super easy. I use e-6000 glue, it works for several surfaces. then I scour thrift stores for glass (either clear, white or anything color really) candlestick holders. If I cant find any good ones there, then I get them from the dollar store. I tried spray painting and didnt come out so well....I will make a post of my platters and all the details on a post. Its so easy. and its addicting. everytime I am out I have to buy plates!


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