Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cake Stands Galore

Obsession Thursday is brought to you buy cake stands!  I have my whole family on the hunt or pretty vintage or funky plates and candlestick holders.  If you look at my dollar store DIY.  You can get the gist of how to make cake stands.  Just get creative.  I have mentioned in other posts what great deals I have found in the thrift stores with plates.  It takes seconds to make these cake stands and they turn out so fun!  The ideas are endless.  Here are some of the ones I have made.

 These are the plates that I just had to run back to the store and get the rest of.  I also have green glass candle stick holders to use with them as well.  These are premiere fine china plates.  I looked on eBay and the dinner plates are going for around $13 a plate!  Love these vintage plates.
 Notice the green plate?  I love my green plates haha.  This one I made for myself, so I don't mind that it sits a little crooked.  Just make sure when you are buying stands that they have flat surfaces, no gaps.  Unless its a ice cream dish, those sit fine.
 Cobalt blue is so pretty and so expensive!  I got these plates for $.99/$.89 each at goodwill!  I like it with white but couldn't find a bigger white stand for them. 
Here are some smaller ones.  I love the red one, I keep it by my big red candle stick holders to hold our keys when we walk in the door.  Once I make a trip to home depot I will buy a door knob for the black plate. 

I use e-6000 glue for mine and I hand wash all of them.  I don't paint any of the surfaces.  If you do then a Dolley needs to go on top because you don't want your food sitting on it.  These are great presents and cheap as well!

So many different uses!  Depending on what you make, you can use it as a jewelery holder, key holder, candy dish, put appetizers on them, or cupcakes.  I have found so many other cake stands out there, just waiting for the funds to make them all.

violet bella I am still trying to find the courage to use glasses as stands!   These look so darn cute!
decor ganize crafts made this nifty cake stand out of stove burner covers! 
joys hope made these completely from the dollar store!  Ahh how I love dollar store DIY'S!
mary janes and galoshes. I am still trying to find cake pans to make this!  I love it and it would be so cute to hold all sorts of things, like crafts for kids, or office supplies.

Like I said the ideas are endless with this craft!



  1. Ok, I may be addicted now. LOL I LOVE THESE!!! I was looking at them thinking I could make ones that hold jewelry for my displays at craft shows! I usually have the bracelets and earrings laid out on pretty plates but if I took the plates and made these they would look even more pretty!! Great craft Allie :)

  2. Im in love with the cobalt blue cake stand and the vintage flower one too. Love it all allie :)


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