Monday, August 15, 2011

Coffee first thing in the morning!

(the first dog would be Zoe, the second would be me!)
Is a must if you are me!  This morning, Zoe and I woke up before 7am.  Not so bad, we both got a good nights rest, watching our cartoons, Zoe had her milk....I was starving so I started breakfast.  My usual, when we are all home and off for the day I'll make a big breakfast but when its just Zoe and I.  Scrambled eggs, some frozen breakfast potatoes and cheese is fine with us.  I got a little fancy tho today.  Yeah I added some turkey meat to the eggs and sour cream to make them fluffy.  I tried to do it quickly so Zoe didnt notice, but she did.  So then she manned the stove and did the eggs.  I was trying to manuver around her and stir everything and burned the ish out my boo number 1 down on to the next.  The eggs are done so Zoe leaves the stove.  I rememberd I had some country gravy mix in the pantry and thought yum that would go good on the eggs mixed with the hash browns.
 So I quick grab the bag read the directions and start boiling the water.  Then I dump the packet in the cold water and start mixing.  It was brown, I was like hmmm thats weird, maybe it isnt good anymore.  Then I proceed to put it in the boiling water and then I decide to look at the package.  I am not making yummy country gravy, I am making brown gravy!  How decieving that company is!  haha.  So now I am not allowed to make food, talk or do anything before I have my coffee in the morning!  I have a bunch of gravy now, but it doesnt taste too weird on the eggs and hashbrowns! 

Here is a yummy coffee smoothie I found at joy the baker.  I might have to have a lil cup of coffee before I attempt this.
Now I dont really care for hot coffee, even living in the cold state of washington I drank iced coffee, iced lattes, iced get the picture.  I came across this and it looks delish!  Oh yeah and I really don't care for the taste of coffee, so I add syrup and sugar to make it sweet....
You can get the complete recipe for yummy iced coffee with sweet cream added at craving comfort.  Its a process that should be done during the day when you have several cups of coffee in you :)

And now because I love eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast here are a few recipes I found that I cant wait to try out!
Yummy Sausage and broccoli egg muffins found at snacking in the kitchen.
the wanna be country girl . makes this awesome hashbrown casserole, that I am sure all of us have made at some point.  Its similar to cracker barrels recipe. 

I hope everyone enjoys their coffees today!  I am on to iced coffee number two!  Hopefully no more burns for me!  Now I just have to figure out dinner that can go with all that brown gravy I have left over. 



  1. YUMMY!! Those little egg and broccoli cups look soo good! I saw them and instantly thought spinach, cheese and mushroom :) I love spinach :) I love the recipes you post. I get pretty bored with cooking because I have a hard time coming up with new things....your recipes help. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous8/16/2011

    I get a lot of this stuff from Pinterest. if you want an invite to the site let me know!


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